Thursday 25 July 2024
Thursday 25 July 2024

Wagon and Train Washing Plant

Manufactured by: RAIMONDI (Italy)
Drive Through Washing Plant:
  • It is used for washing trains passing through at a controlled speed (max. 7km/h) or with shunting.
  • Designing the length and size of the washing system based on the shape and structure of the wagon.
  • Minimum water and detergent consumption and maximum productivity through sensor lines along the line.
  • Including pre-wetting and detergent spray stands, vertical brush washing stands, and softening water rinsing stands.
  • Possibility to add a front and rear washing stand and under frame washing plant.
Moving Portal and Semi Portal:
  • To wash locomotives, coaches, and short-length trains.
  • Can be installed in a specific technical room or in sheds.
  • The portal moves longitudinally on independent tracks or can be supported by a hot dip galvanized and painted steel structure.
  • Can be equipped with a minimum of two vertical brushes to wash the sides of the train up to four vertical ones.
  • Can be equipped with a horizontal brush for the roof, front, and rear of the train.
  • A high-pressure cold or hot water system can be added to wash the eaves and/or the wheels.
  • A control and supervision computerized system allows both on-site and remote washing plant management.
  • The connection can be Modem, LAN, WIFI, or wire.
  • The portal moves longitudinally on independent tracks.
  • The computerized control system, tanks, pumps, and all the components necessary for the management of the plant, are installed in a specific technical room on-site or in an equipped container.
Under Chassis Washing Plants:
  • Moving trolley under frame washing plants.
  • It is installed in the washing platform under the wagon.
  • Washing the underframe and the external wheel with fixed nozzles with rotating heads and with high pressure.
  • The trolley may be equipped with an additional spray pole for the washing of the pit at the end of the work cycle or during the shift.
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