1974: Establishment of Parashin Company in Tehran with the mission of importing repair shop equipment from Europe and America

1978: Obtaining the top rank in the import of repair shop equipment in the Iranian market and the development of Parashin Company

1982: Launching of the production lines of wheel balancers, tires, steering wheel balancers for the first time in Iran by Parashin Company

1984: Design and manufacture of engine adjustment device for the first time in Iran

1985: Design and manufacture of four-wheel jack for the first time in Iran

1986: Design and manufacture of car washing machines for the first time in Iran

1986: Substitution of products produced by Parashin company instead of imported products for Iranian customers

1988: Transferring and setting up production lines of Parashin company to Semnan city

1988: Receiving the certificate of operation from the Ministry of Industries for the Semnan factory at the same time as changing the name of Parashin Company to Parizan Sanat at the request of the Ministry of Guidance

1990: Development and improvement of models and specifications of products produced in Semnan factory

1991: Resumption of import of repair shop equipment after 10 years by Parizan Sanat company

1992: Design and construction of industrial balance machine for the first time in Iran in Semnan factory

1993: Design and production of the first two-column jack in Iran by Parizan Sanat company

1994: Development and modification of production lines and setting up of three separate halls for body building, machining and assembly in Semnan factory

1995: Selection of Parizan Sanat company as a model unit of the country

1996: Establishment of R&D unit and quality assurance and establishment of new management systems

1997: Buying General Tools Company and adding it to Parizan Sanat Group (General Tools Company was established in 1341 and was the first major importer of repair shop equipment in Iran)

1998: Received ISOO9001 certificate from SGS company and received R&D unit certificate from Ministry of Industries by Parizan Sanat company

1998: Establishment of Khodro Azma Sanseh company for the design and production of car fault finding equipment

1999: Design and production of the first engine adjustment device under Windows software by Khodro Azma company

2000: Expanding the import of Parizan Sanat company from about 20 European companies in the field of repair shop equipment

2001: The start of the joint production of the steering wheel with Bisbart, Germany, and Jack Duston with Werther, Italy.

2001: Obtaining the industrial balance patent certificate

2002: The beginning of importation of car technical inspection equipment on a large scale and equipping the technical inspection centers of different cities of Iran by Parizan Sanat company.

2003: Establishment of after-sales service and training unit on special road in Karaj and improvement of services

2005: Establishment of Parizan Sanat Service Development Company (GKP) to provide comprehensive after-sales services in the group

2006: Received ISO9001 certificate by Khodro Azma Sanseh company

2006: Establishment of Parashin Company in Dubai to facilitate import and export in the group

2007: Obtained ISO9001 certificate by GKP company

2007: Sale of more than 500 street sweepers to Tehran Municipality

2007: The beginning of the construction project of the Parizan Sanat complex on Azadi street as the head office of the Parizan Sanat group and the construction project of the group’s industrial complex on the special road of Karaj

2008: Allocation of General Tools Company to the import and distribution of cleaning equipment

2008: Inauguration of the development plan of Semnan factory, including complete renovation of buildings and replacement of all production equipment from traditional models to CNC machining centers, welding tape, CNC punch, and automatic electrostatic paint lines.

2009: Opening of Parizan industrial, commercial and service complex on a special road, including engineering offices, classes and workshops of GKP company, central warehouses of the group, Parizan Sanat sales exhibition

2009: The official start of General Tools company in the field of cleaning equipment and tools (transfer of this activity from Parizan Sanat to General Tools)

2009: Opening of the new sales showroom of Khodro Azma Company in Charah Nawab

2009: supply of new repair shop products of Khodro Azma company to the market

2010: awarding of the best entrepreneur plaque by the President of the Republic to the CEO of Parizan Sanat Company

2010: Received ISO 10004, ISO 10003 certificates related to customer satisfaction

2010: Selection of Parisan Sanat Company as the sample production unit of the country

2011: Received consumer protection certificate

2011: Received approval in principle from the Vocational Technical Education Organization and the official start of the training department of GKP company

2012: The establishment of Boltech company in order to facilitate imports from Europe during the tightening of sanctions – receiving a valid CE certificate

2012: Obtaining a self-declared standard logo for lifting jacks, balancing wheels and tires.

2012: Design and production of battery tester and cooler charging

2012: Design and production of a new generation of industrial balance machines

2013: Setting up the container production line – expansion and factory space

2013: The start of exports by attending Autopromotec exhibitions in Italy and Erbil, Iraq

2013: Production of bus mobile jacks

2014: Received the standard certificate for lifting jacks from the standard department

2014: Attending the Automechanika exhibition in Germany and Autopromotec in Italy (the most prestigious and largest car exhibition)

2015: Design and production of locomotive lifting jacks in different weights for subway and train construction depots

2015: Design and production of a new generation car cooler gas charging device

2016: Design and start of production of bogie lifting table, rotating bogie and rotating bogie tray for subway and train construction depots

2017: Designing and starting the production of a new generation of wheel balancing devices and modifying the design of all lifting jacks.

2018: Design and start of production of ATF (transmission oil replacement) machine

2018: Designing and starting the production of triple test device (technical inspection)

2019: Design and start of production of 250 ton locomotive rotary tray device

2019: Design and start of production of heavy technical inspection machine