Tuesday 28 May 2024
Tuesday 28 May 2024

General Electrical Equipment Test

Manufactured by: Irmie Impianti (Italy)
  • Input voltage on request from 400V 50Hz or 415V 50Hz
  •  Single or multiple-range output voltages are able to cover all battery voltages used in the railway/metro market
  • The operator has a simple interface for control, as well as the option of registering and archiving the tests
  • Charge/Discharge Benches
  • It includes a support surface designed to properly collect drips during top-up operation
  •  for the safe and protected extraction of vapors produced during the various operation phases
Static Converters
  • Power Supply units for Test Rooms
  • The rate goes from a few kilowatts to 3MW and more
  • With the purpose of testing several train components
  • Static converters to feed rolling stocks in maintenance depots
  • Output ranging from 10KW to 4MW and above, on request
  • Can be installed in dedicated rooms or in containers
  • Solutions with a power lower than 500KW can be provided on wheels
Shore Supply
  • Converters with multi-voltage AC/DC-AC/AC outputs at four RIC voltages
  • Adjustable as per standard EN 50I63
  • The operator can therefore check the proper operation of the automatic coach system for the detection of line voltage
  • With equipment for the direct connection of the power supply unit to the coach HV line
Manufactured by:  LINSINGER (Germany)
Injection Pumps Test Stand
  • Testing the locomotive engine fuel injection pumps’ operation
  • It automatically uses AC inverter drives and microprocessor-based monitoring, control, and recording  Measuring the oil spray frequency, temperature, and pressure
Automatic & Semi-Automatic Coupler Test Stand
  •  Can provide an actual load for the testing of each type of coupler in the Railway industry including test of coupling & de-coupling operation, air leakage test, electrical continuity
  • Full load pulling withstands the test
Governor Test Stand
  • Operational testing of a specific type of Engine Governor
  • Details of the Engine Governor and its testing parameters must be provided to design this equipment
Speedo Meter / Over Speed Test System
  • Can be designed as an integrated or separate test system
  •  Testing and calibration of Train Speedometer System or Over Speed Trip Device.
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