Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024

Wheelset Movement System

Manufactured by: MAE, BIP (Germany, Italy)


Manual Train Wheelset Transport Carriage
The wheelset transport carriage can significantly improve the performance of the wheelset press by reducing non-productive time. It simplifies the handling of the wheelsets, especially when entering the press.                  Wheelsets with gearboxes can also be moved optimally in this way.
  • A low-cost variant for single-piece and small-series production.
  • Easy to adjust horizontal and vertical support elements based on different wheelset shafts.
  • Loading takes place outside the press space.
  • Tilt protection makes the carriage suitable for use as a pre-assembly stand.
Movis Model Wheelset Manipulator
The Movis wheelset manipulator can pick up complete wheelsets or axles from the floor or a pre-assembly stand, transport them to the wheelset press for the press application, and then deposit them in front of or behind the press. If desired, all movements can also be completely automated.
  • Suitable for large production quantities
  • With a rail-guided lower carriage rotatable and liftable upper carriage
  • With adjustable wheelset support arms
  • With three freely programmable motor-driven axes
  • Able to pick up wheelsets fully automatically or manually
  • Transporting the wheelsets from feed lines or a pre-assembly stand to the press
Wheelset Turntable:

The Wheelset Turntable is used to change the movement direction of the wheelset within the workshop. The design of the wheelset turntable ranges from manual, semi-automatic to fully automatic movement. It can be networked with other machine systems and equipment.

During maintenance and handling special standards must be developed for wheel sets to ensure the highest quality and reliability in workshops.
The wheel sets used in railway technology are often heavy and uneasy to handle during maintenance. This requires special auxiliary equipment in the workshops to simplify the
handling. Also provoked by the increased quality demands consequently, the wheel sets cannot “touch” in the production process.

The workshop technology is divided into three different areas:

  • Transport technology for wheelsets
  • Storage equipment for the provision of wheelsets
  • Warehousing of wheelsets
Many of these processes may be automated and combined with monitoring devices. Handling devices may also be connected with inspection and measurement equipment.
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