Tuesday 09 April 2024
Tuesday 09 April 2024

Wagon and Locomotive Wheel Press

Made in:  MAE (Germany)

Centering cylinders for wheelset shafts and mounting sleeves for wheel and brake discs replace manual positioning with lifting appliances and enable exact component alignment. For loading and unloading the press, wheelset carriages have replaced tedious and dangerous crane handling operations. The heart of the press is a high-performance control computer. In combination with a force and displacement measuring system, it guarantees a precise assembly process conforming to the relevant standards and extensively documents the quality of the product.

Today, entering cylinders, wheelset carriages, and control computers are standard equipment even on simple workshop presses. High-performance presses for wheelset manufacturers or large maintenance companies are characterized by a high degree of automation of all operations and processes, including loading and unloading and press tool positioning.


  • High productivity due to the fully automatic pressing process
  • Various loading and unloading concepts
  • High quality and productivity guarantee through individual, optimally matched accessories
  • Pressing tools, easily displaceable and mounted to be protected against soiling
  • High energy efficiency due to a patented demand-controlled hydraulic system
  • Certified, particularly practice-oriented safety concept
Small footprint – a big plus of the patented RADS wheelset presses. The innovative basic concept of the machine also offers you:

  • High stability due to the compact Monoblock stand concept
  • Trouble-free pressing on and off is possible thanks to the large basic tools mounted directly in the press stand – even for critical wheel sets with tight spaces
  • Very good ergonomics
  • Optimal accessibility of the toolroom
Product details:

  • Pressing forces from 2,000 to 6,300 kN
  • Shaft lengths from 400 to 3,200 mm
  • Wheel diameter from 400 to 1,500 mm
  • Unit weights up to 8,000 kg
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