Monday 04 December 2023
Monday 04 December 2023

Automatic Impact Protection Coating Plant

Manufactured by:  BIP (Germany)

Automatic Impact Protection Coating Plant for Train Wheelset Shafts

For impact protection coating the wheelsets shafts are clamped into a feeder, which is located in a cabin.

The feeding of the unit is either done manually with a lifting device or with an automatic feeder system (optional).

The operator selects the shaft type at the control panel and the respective coating program. After starting the program, the shaft will be set in rotation and the coating process is performed automatically by the robot.

As soon as the coating process is finished, the coated shafts can be taken out after a short cooling period and transported with a lifting device.

The coating plant is technically equipped with an exhaust-air unit with a filter that assures optimal airflow and complete suction.

Plant components:
  • Automatic shaft feeding unit (option)
  • Robots with 2K high-pressure spraying device
  •  Take-up of wheelset shafts with rotary device
  •  Spraying cabin with extraction- and filter unit
  •  High flexibility through the use of robots
  • Precise computer-controlled spray quantity dosage for even layers of coating
  • Low maintenance and cleaning expenses
  • The feeding of the unit in two types:
  • Manually with a lifting device
  • With an automatic feeder system (optional)
  • Short cooling period and shafts can be taken out and transported away after coating
  • Dimensions: to customer specifications
  • Wheelset shafts can be coated with polyuria systems
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