Friday 12 April 2024
Friday 12 April 2024

Bogie Test Stand

Manufactured by: EASYDUR (Italy)

Bogie Test Stand has been designed to test all different kinds of Railways Bogies (Passenger trains, Cargo trains, Metros, and Trams).  Allowing the operator to simulate with maximum accuracy real-life forces and weights of all kinds of vehicles. Customers can perform not only testing but also all maintenance operations on bogies with great ease.

  • Measuring wheel diameters (manual or automatic)
  • Leakage of pneumatic springs and air-brake system
  • Measuring of axle impedance
  • Wheel distance measuring
  • Axle angle
  • Diagonal axle distance
  • Wheels movements under load
  • Wheels profile
  • Detection of tilting angle
  • Spring profile analysis (by camera)
  • Bogie weight
  • Automatic X-axis movements of the pressers along the crossbar
  • Optional chasse
  • Interfaceable wheel profiles and diameters measurement
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