Tuesday 09 April 2024
Tuesday 09 April 2024

Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagon

Manufactered by: BULOX EQUIPMENT (Malasyia)

Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagon (TCW):

The Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagon (TCW) can be designed either as a shunter-towed or a Self-Propelled vehicle. The Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagon is used for automatic cleaning of the tracks or tunnel during off-revenue hours using an ultra-high pressure water jets system. The TCW can also be adapted to provide vacuum cleaning and other maintenance services.

Self-Propelled Track Cleaning and Vacuum Vehicles:

The Track Cleaning and Vacuum Vehicle (TCVV) is designed and manufactured for Tunnel Cleaning and Vacuum.

The special vehicle is equipped with a high-pressure oscillating spray capable to wash tunnel ceilings, walls, tracks, and track beds, automatically. For special zones, it can also clean using high-pressure water guns manually. The vehicle is also equipped with a dust vacuum system. The vacuum hose is flexible and adjustable to provide the best coverage.

The TCV has its own sewage reclaiming system using a pneumatic diaphragm pump. The vehicle is designed to travel in both directions. A Scissor-Lifting Platform that is electro-hydraulic powered with a remote control or self-control, is also mounted on the vehicle for side shifting.

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