Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024

Battery-driven Railcar Mover

Manufactured by: ZAGRO (Germany)

Use the E-MAXI to perform your shunting work in railway operations, public transportation, and industrial services on open and level-even track sites. The railcar mover has been designed for combined operation both indoors and outdoors. It stands for emission-free operation on rails.

Its variety of coupling systems and special equipment for specific needs makes the small and agile power package a novelty in road/rail technology.

Its rechargeable high-performance batteries ensure emission-free and silent operation. Recyclable materials guarantee the best environmental compatibility.

  • Optimum traction by anti-lock brake and anti-skid systems
  • Minimal wear of drive wheels
  • Once-man operation with radio remote control
  • Processor-controlled all-wheel drive with four electric motors
  • Forward drive/reverse drive
  • Proportional steering
  • Circular driving parallel driving
  • Speed slow/fast
  • Signal horn
  • Emergency Stop
  • Operation of coupling bar
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