Monday 05 June 2023
Monday 05 June 2023

Bearings Mounting and Dismounting Equipment

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Manufactured by:  BEGA (Netherland)

Installation and Removal of Railway and Metro Bearings

Specially for rail and metro workshops. Use the right equipment to remove or install tapered roller bearings.

This hydraulic aid will allow you to save valuable time and help you work safely and efficiently. Easy to use roll-around model for both mounting and dismounting.

  • Mobile and easy to use by one person
  • Pulling capacity (dismantling) adjustable to max 100 Ton
  • Pushing capacity (mounting) adjustable to max 68 Ton
  • Suitable for locomotives, passenger and freight cars
  • For safe, simple, and fast mounting and dismounting of e.g., TBU, SP and TAROL bearing sets
  • Wide range of accessories available. The accessory sets are available in various sizes, metric and inch versions
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