Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024

Bogie Dynamic Test Bench

Manufactured by: Irmie (Italy)
Bogie Dynamic Test Bench for testing complete bogies (motor and trailer) for full traceability of maintenance/manufacturing process. Flexible use and easy management in the customer premise asset.

  • Available for different bogie types (high-speed trains, Regional Trains, and  Locomotives)
  • Motor bogie test
  • trailer bogie test
  • Bogie signal acquisition integrated into the bench SCADA.
  • Test of the tightness of the Brake system on board the bogie
  • Temperature measurements of the main parts of the bogie integrated with the SCADA (optional)
  • Full traceability of all machine parts
  • Soundproof Cabin
  • Manual mode operation for type tests and troubleshooting
  • Operation automatic mode for tests complying with customer testing procedure
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