Thursday 25 July 2024
Thursday 25 July 2024

Ultrasonic Testing System with Immersion Technology

Manufactured by: BIP (Germany)

The ultrasonic testing system with Immersion technology is used for automatic ultrasonic testing in wheel ste workshops with a high throughput of smallest volume defects or at manufacturers of wheels or axles. High inspection speeds can be achieved in the water bath and with phased array technology.

The test concept is in a way laid out in that a testing of the volume and the surface of the wheel rim is ensured in the demanded ranges with ultrasonic and eddy currents.

Innovative characteristic:

  • Fully automatic operation without operator
  • Automatic evaluation of test results and report generation
  • Classification of wheelset by state (ok, rework, scarp, etc.)
  • Detection of the defect’s size and coordinates
  • Automatic calibration of the system and evaluation
  • Using ultrasonic phased array technology (linear array)
  • Integration in MES systems, Industry 4.0
  • High safety of test results due to immersion technology
  • Testing of no reprofiled wheels possible
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