Tuesday 28 May 2024
Tuesday 28 May 2024

Induction Heater

Manufactured by: BEGA (Netherland)
Induction heating is a superior, fast, and controlled heating method. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths, or blow troches. These methods cause smoke, fumes, or oil waste and are hazardous to personal health and safety. BETEx induction heaters are versatile and can be used for the heating of gear wheels, bushes, couplings, etc. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends bearing life.
Even, tension-free heating prevents unnecessary damage and retains original lubrication. Ideal for sealed bearings (2RS-ZZ) and pre-lubricated bearings.

  • Induction Heater for Mounting, Dismounting, and Maintenance
  • Facilitate the mounting and dismounting of bearings and wheels from the wheel axle without any damage With default type and mobile type
  • Controlled heating

Mobile type:
  • A choice between two standard generators: 22 or 44 KW
  • The flexible inductor is wrapped around a component with no damage to the shaft
  • Be produced in different dimensions
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