Thursday 08 June 2023
Thursday 08 June 2023

Bogie Turn Table

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Manufactured by: PARIZAN SANAT (IRAN)

The Bogie Turntables are used for turning bogies and similar units. They enable changing bogies of track routes within small spaces and at any angle and can connect multiple rail tracks.

Basically, the turntable consists of a solid lower frame and upper frame with a cover, which is connected by a center pin unit. The upper frame is supported in the outer area by various traveling rollers bearings, which guarantees higher stability and carrying capacity upon crossing and turning.

  • Manual or electrically powered.
  • Installed in a pit.
  • Possibility to add lifting jack.
  • The exit of the wheelset in both directions from the turntable with adjustable speed.
  • It can be produced with different capacities and sizes, on request.
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