Monday 15 April 2024
Monday 15 April 2024

Automatic Ultrasonic Wheel inspection System

Manufactured by: BIP (Germany)

The automatic ultrasonic wheel inspection system can perform an automatic ultrasonic test on the wheel tire. It is used on wheel sets integrated into a production line.

The in-use internationally proven plant makes it possible to check wheel discs full-automatically for cracks in the structure for other stress injuries.

The purpose of the testing plant is the mechanized and automated non-destructive testing of wheel rims on disassembled wheelsets with different types of volume errors, and errors in the running surface and in the profile.

the test method makes testing of the volume and the surface of the wheel rim by means of ultrasound and additionally with eddy current on the tread.

  • Roll stand
  • Test portal to take up the testing mechanics
  • Testing mechanics for the wheel disc testing
  • Ultrasonic technology and eddy current technology

An innovative scissors-solution enables the safe coupling of probes to the inner front surface and running surface. Floating fixed probe feeders ensure safe contact with the testing object.
User Manuals
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