Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024

Above Floor Train Wheel Lathe/Horizontal

Manufactured by: SIRMU-MT (Italy)

C.N.C Lathe for Wheel Set Retrofitting and Machining

CNC Surface Wheel Lathe is an automatic machine for simultaneous re-profiling new or worn-out wheels when disassembled from the railway vehicles like locomotives, electrical and diesel multiple units, coaches, wagons, metro, and tram coaches.

  • Reconditioning of wheel profile of used wheelsets.
  • Turning of wheel profile of new wheelsets.
  • Exposing the ring, securing the wheelset wheel tire.
  • Facing of inner and outer faces of wheel tires.
  • Facing of an active surface of brake discs installed in wheelsets by means of optional equipment.
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