Tuesday 09 April 2024
Tuesday 09 April 2024

Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Manufactured by: TEKNOX (Italy)
Ultrasonic Parts Washer for Heavy Use

The ultrasonic washing system by Teknox has been designed for heavy and continuous use due to its high-quality materials and to the most innovative technology.

The ultrasonic washing is carried out by a generator and plate transducers submerged in the liquid, placed in the front and backside. Standard machines include an automatic mobile stainless steel platform for high loading capacity, an additional tank for oil-trimming collection, and a circulating pump.

  • Car/motorcycle maintenance
  • Truck maintenance
  • Railway, naval, and aeronautical maintenance
  • Mold washing
  • Mechanical engineering, chip removal, foundries, molding
  • Surface treatment, pre-painting, paint stripping
  • Aeronautical / Space Industry
  • Electronic
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetic, Food
  • Printing and color industry
  • PLC with color Touch Screen
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