Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024

ROUNDJET Parts Washer

Manufactured by: TEKNOX (Italy)

ROUNDJET is a rotating table parts washer (transfer type) that enables the washing of small size mechanical parts in a very quick time.

The loading platform is divided into 6 areas: loading, extraction, washing, pause, blowing, and drying. By the loading station (the only one “opened”), the table step-by-step rotation enables parts to go through all treatment phases up to when parts returned to the initial position for loading operations.

It is possible to use the same machine to wash similar parts thanks to the interchangeability of the positioning supports. A PLC management enables numberless customizations thanks to a wide range of accessories.
It is notably ideal for operations in robotized isles (positioning precision by +/- 0.5 mm). It can be also realised, on-demand, for being used by operators with manual loading and unloading.

Technical features:
  • PLC with color touch screen and INdustry of 4.0 option
  • Heating up to 80 degree
  • Single Tank
  • Motorized Rotation on the vertical Axis
  • Spray Washing
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