Wednesday 17 April 2024
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Rail Measuring Device

Manufactured by: AUTECH (Germany)

Handy, laser-based, and efficient: when measuring and monitoring your rail and track parameters, RailMonitor creates digital images rapidly and precisely.

RailMonitor turns abstract figures into clear pictures. It enables the digital recording of the condition of switches and is thus the perfect tool for mobile and flexible measurements. Rail cross-sections, inclination, head height, or track gauges – RailMonitor provides precise and dedicated rail parameters for all your field measurements. Come and see for yourself.

  • Fully automated measurement and analysis
  • Graphical display touchscreen
  • Foldable gauge arm
  • GPS/ WLAN automated data upload
  • Robust IP65 housing
  • Lightweight/Ergonomic
  • Working with USB
User Manuals
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