Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024

Wheelset and Axle Washing System

Manufactured by: RAIMONDI (Italy)
Train and Metro Wheelset Washing Machine:
  • Washing the demounted wheelset from the bogie
  •  With separate fixed spray poles for washing and rinsing
  • With two tanks, one for washing solution and one with the water to rinse
  • According to the room available, tanks can be positioned either above ground or in a technical pit underfloor level next to the cabin
  • The washing solution and the rinsing water are recovered and reused
  • To obtain a very good result a heated washing solution can be used
  • A control and supervision PLC-based system allows both an on-site and a remote washing plant management
  • The connection can be Modem, LAN, WIFI, or wire
  • The user interacts with the system through an easy graphical interface with the capability to release or email the data
Technical Specifications:
  1. Closed Loop Washing
  2. Automatic or Manual Loading System
  3. Different Energy Sources
  4. High Efficiency
  5. Top Washing Result for Different Diameters
  6. Easy Graphical Interface
User Manuals
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