Monday 25 September 2023
Monday 25 September 2023
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Static Converters and Power Supply Units for Test Rooms

Manufactured by: IRMIE (Italy)

Multi-Voltage Power Supply System for Traction Test

We realize static converters to feed rolling stocks in maintenance depots.

Solutions are available with outputs ranging from tens of KW through to 4 MW and above, on request.

The Solutions mentioned can be installed in dedicated rooms or in containers. Solutions with a power lower than 500 kW can be provided on wheels.

Shore Supply

We realize static converters with multi-voltage AC/DC – AC/AC outputs at the four RIC voltages.

The system is designed for testing coaches operating at the four RIC voltages. The operator can therefore check the proper operation of the automatic coach system for the detection of line voltage (and relative controller).

The system is complete with equipment for the direct connection of the power supply unit to the coach HV line.

Power Supply Units for Test Rooms

We realize static converters for test rooms. The converters are dimensioned according to the customer’s needs and the rate goes from a few kilometers to 3 MW and more with the purpose of testing several train components.						
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