Wednesday 17 April 2024
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Roll over device for Profile Measurement

Manufactured by: BIP (Germany)

The stationary measuring device is used to measure different parameters on mounted wheelsets during the passing over of the device with self-driving of the trains.

The device is primarily installed on journey paths in the entrance area of workshops/ depots. The condition of the wheelsets is continuously monitored and preventive measures for necessary repairs can be derived.

The device consists of the following main components:
  • Module for train identification
  • Module for diagnosis of profile parameters
  • Module for determination of wheel diameter
  • Control cabinet, evaluation software

Advantages of the device:
  • Measuring of relevant wheelset parameters of all-wheel during the rollover
  • Measuring data will be generated and completed after the passage of the last wheelset
  • The system does not require significant changes in the tracks
  • The measuring makes contactless
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