Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024

Painting Booth

Manufactured by: NOVA VERTA (Italy)
Industrial Painting Booth

the flexibility of Nova Verta’s Industrial Paint Booths lets you create a large-scale painting system tailored to your specific needs. From solutions that provide short-term payback, long-term operational cost savings, or systems in between, the quality craftsmanship of Nova Verta’s modular components is designed for year-in, year-out performance.

  • Wind System Plus
  • Auto Prep Mode System (APMS)
  • Light fixture: 6 tubes – Inside access Class 1 Division 2
  • New 2020 Industrial LED 100,00 rating and Dimmable option 3-row tunnel pit
  • Dry filter raised basement raises booth and equipment 16′
  • Inside ramp
  • External ramp
  • Drive-through door
  • Side exit door (additional or for drive-through)
  • 208,230 or 480-volt motors, 277-volt lighting, and 120-volt controls and burner
  • Electric roll-up door for automotive booth
  • Electric side roll-up door
  • Viewing window side wall
  • Additional sizing and configurations are available upon request
  • Indirect or direct-fired air make-up unit
  • (Note: ANSI standards do not permit a recirculating Prep cycle with a direct-fired system)
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