Wednesday 17 April 2024
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Optical Wheelset Measurement Plant

Manufactured by: BIP (Germany)

The measurement of profiles and surface contours gaining importance in terms of quality assurance, quality control, and production control. The aim of the measurement is the dimensional final inspection of each finished wheelset or a pre-measurement of individual wheelsets.

With the wheelset measuring device, which has to be installed in the production line in a fixed position, the wheelset sizes that are relevant for the individual maintenance levels are automatically recorded, evaluated, visualized, and stored.

The data stored in a database after plausibility checks are prepared for transfer to a higher-level wheelset database or an operational SAP system.

The controlled coordinate measuring axes are equipped with an optical measuring system. The following wheelsets can be measured:

  • with/without bearing, without bearing inner rings
  • with/without brake discs, with and without gears.
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