Tuesday 28 May 2024
Tuesday 28 May 2024

Mobile Ultrasonic Hollow Axle Testing System

Manufactured by: BIP (Germany)

The innovative and novel protected system concept makes it possible to test wheelset shafts even in the smallest space or in areas that can only be reached via stairs. The system concept is aimed at all depots and companies with difficult access possibilities to the wheelsets or with decentralized workshops.

The system is built according to a modular concept. All modular parts are designed for weights less than 10 kg. The system can easily be stored in the trunk of an estate car. Three suitcases are placed on top of each other, the lines are connected and the test can start after connecting to a 220V network.

The test facility consists of:

  • probe carrier and fed system
  • US test system includes Evaluation and control of computer
  • Control, data acquisition, and evaluation
  • Oil supply
  • Shaft connection adapter
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