Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024
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HPL 261 Parking Lift

Made in : Parizansanat Company 2 post electro hydraulic parking lift is firmly installed in the ground and designed to elevate cars and vans in a certain height for limit spaces. That Lift activated with the electro hydraulic system. • Jack capacity is 2.6 tons • Suitable for SUVS, 4WD • Galvanized floor to prevent oil and liquids from spilling from the upper car to the lower car • Park more cars in less space • With the least need for repair and maintenance for easy use in homes • Fully professional locks to keep the car on the jack for a long time • Test and testing of jacks with real and nominal capacity in Parisan Sanat factory
Maximum capacity 2600  Kg
Standard lifting height 1.850  mm
The maximum height of the jack 2.100  mm
Standard dimensions 2200 x 3619 mm
Pure height 1800 mm
the power 1.5  Kw
Speed 0.04 m/s
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HPL 261

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