Tuesday 09 April 2024
Tuesday 09 April 2024
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Hydraulic Scissor Lift HSL301


MADE IN: Parizansanat company

Regarding the features of the device, the following can be mentioned :

  • Electrohydraulic operation
  • Electrostatic paint with high quality
  • Using bimetal bushings instead of grace
  • Italian power pack
  • Pneumatic lock
  • Electrical breaker for user protection
  • Portable(optional)
  • portable mount or static mount (based on customer order)
  • Has standard certificate
  • all of electrical equipment such as conductor and main switches from reputable Italian brands
  • packing, hoses, O-rings from best European brands
  • jack testing with actual and nominal capacity in PARIZAN SANAT factory
  • buying hydraulic cylinders from best and reputable brands in the world or made with high quality in PARIZAN SANAT factory

Technical Specifications :

Max capacity 3000kg
Lifting time approx 22s
Lowest lifting point 105mm
Lifting height 1000mm
Platform length 1420mm
Motor power 2.2 kw
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar
User Manuals
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