Thursday 08 June 2023
Thursday 08 June 2023

Car body repairer- CAR O LINER MARK 6

تماس تلفنی با کارشناس

● 5% تخفیف خرید آنلاین ●

MADE IN: Parizan sanat company and Car o liner (Sweden) Regarding the features of the device, the following can be mentioned :
  • Powerful structure for increasing the life of the device
  • Using powerful hydraulic system
  • Powerful 10-ton draw aligner offers 360o multi-angle pulling capacity
  • universal solution for cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs
  • The possibility of installing car chassis maintenance accessories
  • Truck clamping accessories
  • Using CAR O TRONIC measurement system
  • Multipurpose clamp
Technical Specifications
Capacity 8/2 ton
Max height 136mm
Min height 20mm
Length 406mm
Width 90mm
Weight 680kg
Power of draw aligner 10 ton
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