Thursday 25 July 2024
Thursday 25 July 2024

Battery Chargers

Manufactured by: IRMIE (Italy)

Charge/Discharge Benches

Complete solution for battery charging/discharging, for use in the railway/metro market.

It includes a support surface designed to properly collect drips during top-up operations and for the safe and protected extraction of vapors produces during the various operations phases.

Thanks to the use of industrial touch screens, the operators have a simple interface for command and control, as well as the option of registering and archiving the test.

Mobile Battery Charger and Discharger

Input voltage on request from 400 V 50 Hz or 415 V 50 Hz.

Single or multiple-range output voltages are able to cover all battery voltages used in the railway/metro market.

Other voltages and outputs are available on request.

Power: various values are available on request.						
User Manuals
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