Wednesday 17 April 2024
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Air Generation Unit Test Bench

Manufactured by:  IRMIE IMPIANTI (Italy)

Test bench for testing AGU for full traceability of maintenance/manufacturing process.

Flexible use and easy management in the customer premise asset.

Regarding the features of the device, the following can be mentioned:
  • Developed for manufacturers and maintenance operators in the railway sector
  • Testing of AGU with or without air dryer
  • Operation semi-automatic mode for tests complying with customer specifications
  • Manual mode operation for type tests and troubleshooting
  • GSM connection for remote assistance
  • Login with a smart card and/or username and password
  • Test report with automatic evaluation of results
  • Possibility of quick implementations, changes, and/ or re-parameterizing of the tests in agreement with the customer.
  • Full traceability of all machine parts.

Additional Options:
  • Soundproof cabin
  • Stainless steel compressed air vessels
  • Air flowrate measurement (instantaneous) with a dedicated in-line instrument
  • Dew point measurement of outlet air (if a dryer is installed downstream the AGU)
  • Barcode reader for data input of the rolling stock to be tested
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