Tuesday 03 October 2023
Tuesday 03 October 2023
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Washing machine PW201

Made in : Parizan Sanat Company
  • Stainless steel pump with special sealing
  • Anti-color steel filter on the pump
  • Rubber sealing of the edges of the device
  • Stainless steel body
  • Safety microswitch to open the machine door while working
  • Basket rotation by water pressure (PW 110)
Description amount
Basket diameter 1000 mm
Maximum height of parts 600 mm
The maximum weight of the washable part 205 Kg
tank capacity 200 lt
pump pressure 3.5 atm
Pump discharge 25-145 lit/min
The power of the electric pump 1.5 KW
Heater power 5 KW
Electricity required 400v-3ph
Control circuit voltage 24V
temperature Up to 60°C
Maximum pH of detergents 12
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User Manuals
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