Tuesday 28 May 2024
Tuesday 28 May 2024
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Truck Tire changer Turbo Truck

Made in : Parizansanat Company
  • Regarding the features of the device, the following can be mentioned :
• Semi-automatic truck tire changer with SICAM technology 
• Solid body for continuous using with least cost of repair and maintain
• Powerful gearbox and high quality parts
• Powerful jaw for variety different type of truck tire
• Main parts made by Italy
• Ergonomic control panel installed on swing arm without extra cable
• One way valves in jaw parts for avoiding opening jaw suddenly in terms of hydraulic problems happen
• Strong bead breaker disc with maximum force on rim of ring 
• Adjustable hydraulic pressure for light wheels

Technical Specifications 
Hydraulic engine power 2.6 kw
Rim size 14”-52”
Engine power 2/3-3/5 kw
Engine speed 1395 RPM
Rotation Directional and bi-directional
weight 1040kg
Max tire weigh 1400kg
Max tire width 910 m
Max tire diameter 2300mm
Bead breaker force 3/7 KN
Height(max/min) 900-1850
Width(max-min) 1800-2200
Length 1850
User Manuals
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