Monday 05 June 2023
Monday 05 June 2023

Rotating Basket Metal Parts Washer

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● 5% تخفیف خرید آنلاین ●

Manufactured by: TEKNOX (Italy)
Rotating Basket Metal Parts Washer for Very Large Volume And Heavy Parts

Robur performs the successful automatic washing of medium and large-size mechanical parts.

Washing is carried out by the action of upper, lower, and side nozzles. The slow rotation of the platform is ensured by a gear motor with a torque limiter.
A PLC management enables numberless customizations thanks to a wide range of accessories. The high-capacity tank is separate from the washing chamber and it is mounted on the right side of the machine.

  • Truck maintenance
  • Railway, naval, and aeronautical maintenance
  • Mold washing
  • Mechanical engineering, chip removal, foundries, molding
  • Surface treatment, pre-painting, paint stripping
  • Aeronautical / Space Industry
  • Electronic
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetic, Food
  • PLC with color Touch Screen
  • Industry 4.0 option
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