Monday 15 April 2024
Monday 15 April 2024

Motorcycle test line New SPX

Made in :NEW SPX Company (netherland)
  • With remote control
  • Low noise device
  • Very fast measurement of brake test values
  • Wheel lock detection system
  • Easy exit of the motorcycle from the roller
  • The ability to measure all types of motorcycles
  • Rollers do not damage motorcycle tires
  • Minimum civil works to build the foundation
  • Equipped with a four-sensor weight measurement system
  • Integrated design with very quick and easy installation
  • Software under Windows with the ability to connect to the network and SIMFA system
  • Very high quality hardware without the need for much maintenance
Carrying out a safe test with the help of pneumatic fixtures that hold the front and rear wheels (if you decide to buy separately, order it)
User Manuals
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