Friday 19 April 2024
Friday 19 April 2024

HV test lane homet

Made in : Parizansanat Company
  • Italian gearbox engine
  • Ability to add a weight simulator
  • It has the ability to test 4×4 vehicles
  • Very fast measurement of suspension and braking system
  • With electromagnetic lock of brake test rollers
  • High durability and no damage from the roller to the car tire
  • Equipped with epoxy rollers made in France
  • Very high quality hardware without the need for much maintenance
  • It has special foundation frames for easy and basic installation of the device
  • Ability to measure all types of heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, etc. . .
  • European technology and parts – assembly and preparation of software by Parizan Sanat company
  • Integrated design of all software and hardware with very fast and easy installation
  • Software under Windows with the ability to connect to the network and Simfa system
  • ٍElectronic Board designed in Iran with original quality parts and suppliers from reputable European companies
  Technical Specifications:  
brake test
16 tons Maximum weight tolerable
2×15KW Electric motor power
2.6Km/h Test speed
40KN to 0 Braking force measurement range
1000*250 mm The dimensions of the rollers
separate How to install rollers
675/1090/1360mm dimensions
Side slip test    
16 tons Maximum weight tolerable
25m/km± Measurement range
1060/38/820 mm Dimensions (length/width/height)
100 kg Weight
User Manuals
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