Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024
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Jack Doston Mardoni German model 2/3 SL

Made by: Nussbaum, Germany The lift and jack are ideal for workshops and repair shops at a reasonable price. With minimum height and low width and flexible installation so that it fits in any workshop and repair shop. A simple cable connection between the columns can be made both on the floor and through a height-adjustable cable bridge above the columns. Mini Max support plates allow easy access to all parts of the vehicle when lowered and are even suitable for vehicles with deep side skirts or off-road vehicles. • It has two electric motors built into the columns. • Very strong columns • The result of 40 years of German experience and technology in making jacks • Variable height in the upper arch of the jack to reach a height of up to 4120 mm • Automatic locking of armrests • Mardon nut is very high quality and has a very useful life • Three-mode telescopic arm • The possibility of opening the car doors completely due to the asymmetric design of the armrests • Wind and electricity output on the jack body • Not connecting two columns to each other from the ground (increasing useful workspace for the user)
Maximum capacity
3000 Kg
Electric motor power
time to rise
time to come down
Internal distance between columns
The maximum height of the jack
Electric motor specifications
400V-3 Phase- 2*1/5 Kw
Control circuit voltage 24 V
The maximum height of the shoes 2010mm
The minimum height of the shoes
The overall width of the jack
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