Monday 15 April 2024
Monday 15 April 2024
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Jack Doston Mardoni 3 tons MTL 301

Made in : Parizan Sanat Company 2 post electro mechanic lift is firmly installed in the ground and designed to elevate cars and vans in a certain height. • Has Iran standard certificate and European CE • Very solid columns • Adjustable arms • Adjustable screw shoes • Chain with double guide rail • Removable floor • Has protective microswitches • With Mardon nut and Italian safety nut • Automatic control: – Chain, throat and arms – Adjusting the height of the columns (upper limit – lower limit) – With automatic oiling system (bimetal bushings) • Using the latest European safety technology on jacks • Test and testing of jacks with real and nominal capacity in Parisan Sanat factory
Maximum capacity 3000  Kg
Electric motor power 3.6 KW
Time to go up 60±2 Sec
time to come down 57±2 Sec
Internal distance between columns 2560 mm
The maximum height of the jack 2660 mm
Electric motor specifications 400V-3 Phase- 3.6 Kw
Control circuit voltage 24 V
The maximum height of the shoes 1945 mm
Adjustable height as its shelves 99 – 145 mm
The overall width of the jack 3060 mm
Lubricating oil lifting screw SAE10W40
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MTL 301

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