Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024
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Hydraulic scissor lift HSL500


MADE IN: Parizan sanat company

Regarding the features of the device, the following can be mentioned:

  • Manual pump to lowering a jack when power outage happens
  • It gives an alarm when jack have 80cm distance to the surface
  • Using bimetal bushing instead of grease
  • Safety micro switches
  • Having wheel free lifting rail(optional)
  • Rear play detector for wheel alignment
  • Ability to install turn plate for wheel alignment
  • Wheel free lifting for rim oscillation compensation in wheel alignment process
  • Properly length of jack platform for 3D wheel alignment
  • Standard certificate
  • buying hydraulic cylinders from best and reputable brands in the world or made with high quality in PARIZAN SANAT factory
  • all of electrical equipment such as conductor and main switches from reputable Italian brands
  • packing, hoses, O-rings from best European brands

Technical Specifications

Max capacity(main) 5000kg
Max capacity(wheel free lifting) 3000kg
Max height 1700mm
Platform length 5100mm
Platform width 800mm
Lifting time 60s
Lowering time 60s
Motor power 3kw
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar
User Manuals
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