Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024
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Fully automatic air cooler gas charging model ROBINAIR AC 1234-3

Made in : Robinair Company Robinair AC1234-3 is the new standard for service unit which perform maintenance of A/C systems with R-1234yf refrigerant. The AC1X34-3 offers all of the functions required for the professional maintenance of R-134a-based vehicle air conditioning systems and can be easily converted to R-1234yf unit. Both units carry out automatic refrigerant recovery, recycling and filling and guarantee the quick, complete drying of the system. AC1234-3P and AC1X34-3P are equipped with printer
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to charge the air conditioner system of hybrid and normal cars
  • Using parts with long life
  • It has a standard service hose of 3 meters
  • Automatic injection capability
  • Has an information bank of cars
  • Has approval from automobile factories RENAULT,FORD,NISSAN,OPEL,CHEVROLET
  • It has a flushing program if you order a flushing kit
Refrigerant R-1234yf or R-134a
Operating mode Full automatic
Car manufacturer recommendations Yes
CE Yes
Refrigerant recovery Automatic
Recovery accuracy / performance > 95 %
Oil recovery Automatic
Vacuum Automatic
Leak test Automatic
Oil injection Automatic
Refrigerant charge Automatic with electronic scale
Printer optional
Air purge system Automatic
Manual operation valves 2
HP & LP pressure gauge 63 mm pulse free
Tank pressure gauge Digital
Service hoses length & specs 3 mt
Display 160*120 Monochromatic
Compressor 1/4 HP
Vacuum pump 71 l/min (3 CFM)
Refrigerant tank capacity 8 kg
Oil tanks 2x 250 ml (hermetically sealed)
Dimension 107 x 61 x 76 cm
Weight 107 kg
Power supply 230 50/60 Hz
User Manuals
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