Monday 15 April 2024
Monday 15 April 2024
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Fully automatic air cooler gas charging model ROBINAIR AC 1234-7

Made in : Robinair Company AC1234-7 is service unit which perform maintenance of A/C systems with R-1234yf refrigerant. Robiniar has developed these fully automatic units in co-operation with car manufacturers to ensure an excellent maintenance of A/C systems of vehicles of the new generation. • Ease of use • Ability to charge the air conditioner system of hybrid and normal cars • Using parts with long life • It has a standard service hose of 3 meters • Automatic injection capability • It has a vehicle information bank and the ability to program the information bank • Has approval from automobile factories TESLA,RENAULT, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, KIA, HYUNDAI,SUBARO,NISSAN,HONDA,OPEL,FORD,JAGUAR,CHEVROLET,FERRARI • It has a flushing program if you order a flushing kit • It has a large VGA TFT color screen • The possibility of connecting a USB port • High accuracy of gas return inside the car • It has a printer to print the operation output
Type of charging gas
R134 or R1234
Recovery accuracy
Accuracy of charge gas measurement
Accuracy of oil measurement (grams)
Vacuum pump discharge (liters per minute)
Compressor power (horsepower)
Compressor power (horsepower)
Hose length (meters)
input power  230Volts / Hz
tank capacity
has it
Information bank
has it
User Manuals
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