Monday 15 April 2024
Monday 15 April 2024
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Four column hydraulic jack, 4.2 tons, HFL 400 series

Made in : Parizan Sanat Company 2 post electro hydraulic lift is firmly installed in the ground and designed to elevate cars and vans in a certain height. That Lift activated with the electro hydraulic system. • Has a standard certificate of Iran and Europe • Electrostatic paint of the highest quality • Light profiles with electric welding • Anti-scratch outer profile and inner profile suitable for placing the release wheel jack • Strong structure suitable for the amount of steering • Lifting system using hydraulic jack • Computer to 4 electromagnetic safety locks • Electro-hydraulic safety system against out of alignment soles • Safety micro switch at minimum height • Using bimetal bushings instead of working • Italian power pack • All electrical appliances, including contactors, main keys, etc., from reputable Italian brands • Packing, hoses and o-rings of the device from reputable European brands • Supplying hydraulic hoses and fittings from the best brands in the world in recent years and passes all tests in the factory • All hydraulic cylinders are purchased from the world’s most reliable brands and in the factory Parisan Sanat is made with the highest quality • Easy and quick installation with minimal maintenance • The rear sliding plate for the operation of the steering wheel • The ability to install a turntable in order to operate the steering wheel • Middle scissor lifts for operation of compensating the ring swing in the steering wheel • Test and testing of jacks with real and nominal capacity in Parizan Sanat factory
The maximum capacity of the main jack

4200 Kg

The maximum capacity of the auxiliary jack

3500 Kg

Time to go up

54 Sec

time to go down

54 Sec

Maximum height

1995 mm

Minimum height

180 mm

Distance between columns

2950 mm

Floor length

4940 mm

Electricity required

400 v- 3 phase- 50 Hz

Engine power

2.2-3 Kw

Auxiliary jack sole length

1400/1785 mm

Auxiliary jack height

400 mm

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