Tuesday 28 May 2024
Tuesday 28 May 2024

Wheel Alignment Vehicle

  • Using the latest and most advanced design, the above-mentioned steering wheel measuring device makes it possible to test and adjust the wheels at high speed with a laser in three dimensions.
  • The standard and appropriate distance between the front and rear of the front wheels is called steering distance. In other words, the distance between the front and rear of the front wheels indicates the amount of steering. Different car manufacturers declare different distances for the distance between the front and rear wheel openings. But usually the size specified for the steering wheel is 3 to 8 mm.
  • If the car steering wheel is not hydraulic, the lack of steering wheel will be determined very soon. But if a car has hydraulic steering, it becomes a little more difficult to determine the amount of steering.
  • If there is no command, many problems will arise. For example, car steering and control becomes difficult at high speeds, especially on roads. In such conditions, even driving on straight roads is not safe and there is a possibility of overturning the car. On the other hand, not adjusting the steering wheel can be one of the reasons for premature tire wear, that's why the steering wheel is adjusted before leaving the factory
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