Wednesday 10 April 2024
Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Vertical industrial balance machine

Made in : Parizansanat Company 
  • This device is for balancing rotating parts with low thickness so that the balancing operation can be done in one plate
  • In this device, using the method of static balance of the piece vertically and with a special holder It is placed on the flange of the device
  • Automatic flanges can be selected for ease and speed of installation and removal of parts from the machine if the customer needs
  • The sensitivity of the device can be changed in different ranges according to the weight capacity of the piece and the specifications of the piece.
  • This device covers a wide range of weights and dimensions of parts, the weight range of parts can be from 250 grams to 200 kilograms.
  • This machine can be used at the end of production lines for parts such as brake disc, clutch plate, axial fans, crankshaft head pulley, wheel bowl, etc. It can also be used in the process of rebuilding parts.
  • This device is provided to customers with the world’s latest technology along with a computer processor to accurately calculate and announce the amount of imbalance using European quality parts.
  • Determining the quality of the industrial balance will be in accordance with the ISO 1940 standard
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