Tuesday 09 April 2024
Tuesday 09 April 2024
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Doston hydraulic jack 4 tons HTL 400 series

Made in : Parizan Sanat Company 2 post electro hydraulic lift is firmly installed in the ground and designed to elevate cars and vans in a certain height. That Lift activated with the electro hydraulic system. • Powerful structure • 3 segments of arm structure • Arms automatic unlocking system • Safety micro switch at minimum height • Electromechanical safety lock system • Hydraulic safety system in case the arms are out of alignment • Safety system to prevent the roof of the car from hitting the top of the jack • Safety system against overload • Safety valve for cases of sudden drop in oil pressure and broken hoses • Low need for repair and maintenance • Has CE standard certificate of Iran and Europe • Using bimetal bushings instead of working gaskets • Italian power pack • All electrical appliances, including contactors, main switches, etc., from reputable Italian brands • Packings, hoses and o-rings of the device from reputable European and the best brands in the world and passes all tests in the factory. • All hydraulic cylinders are purchased from the world’s most reliable brands and are manufactured in Parisan Sanat factory with the highest quality. • Test and testing of jacks with real and nominal capacity in Parisan Sanat factory
7 HTL 401 HTL 402 HTL 403
Maximum lift capacity Kg 4000
lifting time when loaded Sec 49
Lowering time when loaded Sec 55
Maximunm Pad adjustment Mm 100/130
Maximum useful height Mm 1895 1950 2050
Distance between columns Mm 2900
Lift max. height Mm 3870 4470 5070
Lift total width Mm 3220
Electric motor 3ph V/Hz/A 400-230/50/12.5-7.4 400-230/60/10.5-7.1
Three phase motor power KW/hp 2.2/3.0
Electric motor 1ph V/Hz/A 230/50/15.9
One phase motor power KW/hp 2.2/3.0
Max. operating hydraulic oil Bar 260
Controls circuit voltage Volt 24
Maximum column weight Kg 220
Maximum arm weight Kg 35
Total lift weight Kg 725
Crossbeam weight Kg 20.5
Recommended hydraulic oil   ESSO NUTO H32 or equivalent
Hydraulic system oil quantity Lit 12
Floor – mounting   No.16 screw anchors type HILTI HAS-A M16×140/25 or equivalent
Reaction force between lift and ground Kg 1800
Sound level ( EN iso 3746)
Average weighted sound level LpAm Db(A) 73.70
Average sound level at the ope rators workstation LpAm Db(A) 76.45
Acoustic power LwA Db(A) 93.40
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HTL 400

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