Friday 12 April 2024
Friday 12 April 2024

Crash block

  • The crash block acts as a fixed barrier for crash tests and has 3 different modes that can be used according to the type of test operation.
  • Types of crash blocks:
  1. Fixed crash block (this block can be used to test the crash of a passenger car or truck and each side of it is equipped with different fixed obstacles and the car hits the obstacle from each side according to the type of test)
  2. Rotating crash block (Rotating accident block is the same as fixed accident block and the only difference between them is rotation around a vertical axis, that all accident scenarios can be performed in only one direction by rotating and moving the sides of the block, and at the time of tested savings)
  3. Mobile crash block (the most flexible type of crash block is a mobile crash block that can be moved forward or backward linearly along a fixed line through remote control, so different crash test scenarios can be tested in a very large space. limited execution)
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