Saturday 18 May 2024
Saturday 18 May 2024

The program of providing services during the days of Nowruz 1400

Parizansanat industrial, commercial and administrative complex, while wishing you good health and freedom from Corona, offers you its Nowruz service program in the new year, as follows. In order to receive better services during Nowruz, please carefully consider the information in the table and contact the relevant experts in this department if needed.

Opening of the Karaj agency office of Parizan Sanat Group

نمایندگی کرج پاریزان نصعت

The new agency of Parizansanat group was recently opened in Karaj under the management of Ms. Jafari. It should be noted that this agency also covers Qazvin & Zanjan provinces. You can get the address and contact number of this agency in the link below.

Acceptance and recruitment of the workforce

جذب نیروی فعال

Parisan Sanat industrial, commercial and administrative complex intends to accept active staff with the following specifications in order to expand and complete the manpower in sales units, after-sales services and engineering. Sales and marketing expert: with at least a bachelor’s degree, interested in technical matters, fluent in English and office and administrative affairs. Electrical, electronic […]

ضبط پیام صوتی

زمان هر پیام صوتی 5 دقیقه است